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Kroc Scholarships

The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Center is pleased to offer a scholarship program to help provide access to The Kroc Center and its classes. It was Joan Kroc's vision and expectation that all individuals have equal opportunities to grow their natural gifts and talents. The following scholarships are available:
• Class Scholarships
• Membership 

Class Scholarships

We are pleased to provide scholarships for up to 50% off a class. Complete the Class Scholarship Request Form and submit to the front desk or email to [email protected]

Download Class Scholarship Request Form

Membership Scholarships

Scholarships are available for both Gold and Silver memberships. Learn more about the different membership types.

1. Download a Scholarship Application or pick one up at The Kroc Center front desk.

2. Submit current federal 1040 tax return form for all adults in the household.

3. Return your completed application with attached household income verification to the front desk.
• Allow 7 business days for review..

4. You will receive an email once approved advising you the next steps to redeeming your scholarship and activating your membership.

1. Download a Scholarship Application or pick one up at The Kroc Center front desk.

2. Return the completed application with copies of your current federal 1040 tax return for all adults in your household for verification.

3. Return your completed application to front desk with copies of your household tax returns for verification. Please allow 7 business days for processing and notification.

Online Scholarship Orientations. Once approved, you will receive a link to the orientation video to view. After watching this video, you must come into The Kroc Center and sign up for your membership within 30 days of receiving notification of approval from us.

Donate to Kroc Scholarships

By making a donation to the Kroc Scholarship Fund, you are reaching out to a family in need, helping to provide a membership to those who may need a little help getting there. It is our honor to recognize anyone who donates $300 or more in a single year. We can list your name, or a memorial, on the Joan Kroc Giving Display posted in the Community Wing at The Kroc Center.

Donate To Kroc Scholarships

(208) 763-0679
Community Outreach Coordinator: [email protected]

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