The Salvation Army Advisory Board Mission Statement

The Advisory Board is the volunteer army behind the Army that interprets community needs, advocates programs to the community, and provides support to the Army’s efforts to render effective service.

The Salvation Army conducts a variety of religious and charitable activities in the community. It is the purpose of the board to assist The Salvation Army in the conduct of these activities by being familiar with all phases of its operations in the community, by formulating plans for the improvement of the facilities and programs offered, and by making recommendations with respect to fund-raising, community relations, program and expenditures.

Julie Amador
Dianne Ansbaugh
Dave Barnes*
Troy Braga - Chair
Kimmer Callahan
Todd Cory
Bill Davenport
Keith Dixon
Heather Erikson - Vice Chair
Jeremy Evans
Teri Farr
Kimber Gates Travis
Katy Hancock
Greg Helbling - Treasurer
Lindsey Holt
Kevin Jester - Secretary

Suzy Jolley
Lynda LeBlanc
Adam Martin
Steve Masterson
Michael Melendez
Kay Nelson*
Vern Newby
Ben Perschau
Pam Pratt
Ronnie Semko
Tim Skubitz
Keke Stoeser
Laszlo Suto
Erik Smith
Graydon Stanley
Sue Thilo*

Britt Towery
Tracey Vaughn
Greg Washington
Brenda Zosel Bookholtz

Emeritus Members:
Janet Atchley*
Les Atchley*
Sandi Bloem*
Steve Griffitts*
Joe Morris*
Sandy Patano*
Jack Riggs*

*Founding Advisory Board Member

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