You, Me, and Everyone in 2023

Jan 13, 2023

Hi Kroc fans!

My name is Josh.

2022 has been a whirlwind! With the onset of a new year, one generally takes time to reflect on the past year and makes some sort of resolution for the coming year. Sadly, those resolutions rarely come to fruition.

“This year is going to be different,” one might say, or “I’m going lose the weight this time,” or even, “This year I’ll finally…” (feel free to fill in the blank).

Well, this year I am not writing to let you know about my New Year resolutions, but I do have goals. It’s hard to get anywhere if you don’t know where you’ve been and where you are going. Direction is so important to planning. And while I am good at planning ahead, I rarely write anything down, as ironic as that may seem as writing, along with marketing and communications, is my profession.

So, here’s to me in 2023 finally writing something down. It’s difficult to measure progress if you don’t set small achievable goals; mile markers on the road we call life. So, let’s all take time to write down our small achievable goals.   

While this is not a blog about resolutions, or even goals necessarily, this will be a bi-monthly blog about The Kroc Center, the activities, holidays, and events surrounding The Kroc, not to mention my personal exercise blog, as I navigate the world of The Kroc Drop-in guide. I’m calling it, “The Kroc Man Chronicles.”

The Kroc Man Chronicles for 2023 is a simple blog journal with the goal of taking nearly every drop-in class by the end of the year. As a novice in most coordinated exercise spaces, following Kroc Man will give you a snapshot of an average, somewhat athletic, 35-year-old male, who’s here to experience The Kroc Center’s offerings with the goal of documenting them while having some fun.

A bit more about me… Feel free to skip this paragraph. I grew up swimming, surfing, skateboarding, in Orange County, Ca., and then wakeboarding and snowboarding in Sandpoint, Id. If I’m not on a board or swimming in the water, I’m a novice. That’s the exciting aspect of taking all these drop-in group exercise classes and I’m happy to share my experiences with all of you, including this new offering of Group Ex Bingo.  

Group Ex Bingo is an exciting way to mix up your workout. Starting on Jan. 17, whether you’re a “Land-Ex,” or an “Aquatic-Ex,” person looking to take a mellow approach to your workouts or looking for a medium, or high-intense workouts, there will be three different Group Ex Bingo cards that will encourage you to change up your regular routine and see how the other side lives. Don’t forget that once you get four up, down, across, or black out your card, you win a prize!

While this blog will be about my journey through all the Kroc Man Chronicles and picking up a BINGO card, this will also include fun how-to/tips & tricks for health and wellness, along with other exciting news and happenings inside and outside of The Kroc Center.

So, cheers to you and cheers to me in 2023. Regardless of what happens, it’s going to be a fun ride.     

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