The Kroc Center's Homeschool Program Fills a Much Needed Niche for 5–14 Year Olds

Oct 6, 2020

The Coeur d’Alene Kroc Center Homeschool Program provides homeschool families in the community a resource to supplement their 5–14 year old student’s education with social, recreational, and artistic enrichment opportunities.

With classes ranging from art and PE, to swimming and STEAM, students engage in activities that may not be afforded to them in a traditional home education style. All of our classes are hands on. Students make rockets and launch them at the end of the session, they learn to sing in a choir setting and perform for their families, and after painting landscapes and wildlife they get to display their art in an end of session art showcase; complete with punch and cookies.

Many of the kids that come to us in our Homeschool Program have been learning with siblings at home. This programs offers them time to socialize with peers of their own age. These often blossom into friendships, play dates and family outings. Because of our age format, Ages 5–6 yrs., 7–9 yrs. and 10–14 yrs., siblings within the same age brackets are able to continue learning together, helping to make transitions more comfortable for those who struggle learning in a group environment.

Each year we try to add more exciting adventures to our Homeschool Program. Last fall we added a field trip to Downtown Coeur d’ Alene for the students to experience Art Walk. The group walked around to all the galleries Downtown Coeur d’ Alene has to offer. Experiencing art from Native American culture to the more modern whimsical, the students came back excited about learning their experience

Due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty of schools reopening or staying open, we have seen an increase in families taking the homeschool option for their children. Also, with schools open in the hybrid format, parents are using the Kroc’s Homeschool Program as a supplement for their child’s education.

*Photos are pre-COVID


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