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Mar 24, 2023


Kroc Man and the BPI Recovery Offerings Vol. 2

Day 1: Massage

When I walked up to the BPI Recovery Center to inquire about my massage, their friendly staff greeted me and told me that Sonja Hurt would be right out to meet with me. After a few seconds, Sonja came out from the back room and shook my hand. Her first question was, “have you ever had a massage before?”

I told her that I have had a massage before, but it had been a very long time. She said, “Well, are you sore anywhere in particular?”

I told her that I had knee surgery last spring and that my knee sometimes gets sore. I also told her that my neck can get tight and sore. She explained to me that she was going to leave and that I was to undress to my comfort level and get under the sheet. She also said that she would give me a full body massage and focus on those areas that affected me the most. She then proceeded to explain how she was going to use hot stones to sort of loosen up my muscles, but that it was not a “stone massage.”   

Once I was under the covers Sonja came back in and began the massage. She took out hot stones and rubbed them on my neck, back, shoulders, and arms. She also used oils and proceeded to go back over those same areas and then moved on to my buttocks and my legs. She then asked me to flip over onto my back and proceeded to do the same with a focus on my legs and neck.

At the end of the massage, I felt light and rejuvenated. the professionalism and friendliness of the BPI staff has been top notch and so far, I cannot recommend their services enough.

Day 2: Infrared Sauna and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Infrared Sauna

While I am no stranger to the sauna, I can safely say that up until yesterday, I have never tried an infrared sauna before. So, what’s the difference?

From what I have been told by BPI staff, Infrared saunas use an invisible wavelength of light known as Far Infrared Light (FIR). FIR warms objects without drastically raising the ambient air around the body. It is supposed to penetrate the skin and heat up one’s internal core body temperature, like how sun rays affect one’s body even when they’re under the shade of a tree in the summertime. Infrared saunas are supposed to increase detoxification, cellular health, and improve metabolic health. Before I stepped into the sauna, Joan from BPI asked me if I liked it hot. I told her yes, so she set the sauna to 162 degrees Fahrenheit.

When sitting in the Infrared Sauna, I did experience a deep warmth in my core. And although it didn’t hit me right away, I did end up sweating quite profusely. It was unlike any sauna that I had ever experienced.

My overall infrared sauna experience was fantastic. I was able to dress down to my workout shorts, sit, and sweat it out while worship music pumped into the room. I personally like this, but others may have a differing opinion. I’m sure one can use their own earbuds in the sauna if Christian worship isn’t their jam.  

Members have been asking for a sauna at The Kroc for years. The infrared sauna in the Recovery Center has really changed the game, especially if one is looking to sweat it out during the fall and winter months when North Idaho is a little colder and doesn’t see the sun as much.    

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

I have used the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) chamber before. Hopping into the HBOT chamber directly after the Infrared Sauna is something I have not done before.

For those who don’t know, HBOT is a non-invasive treatment that involves breathing concentrated oxygen in a comfortable pressurized chamber. BPI/NIPT states that HBOT leads to more effective healing by encouraging increased oxygen absorption into the bloodstream (an excess of 1200%). The pressure of the chamber increases the mobility of oxygen while delivering 100% oxygen. This causes increased oxygen saturation for cells, tissues, fluids, and increased ATP production.   

With the increased oxygen in the bloodstream, and the healing factor, I was onboard right away. Just after a few short sessions, my knee has gotten considerably better. Getting that circulation going and then increasing that rate at which I am healing has been a major factor in getting back to snowboarding after I tore my meniscus last spring.

The only downside to HBOT is that while it is helpful, It’s not for everyone. I would consider HBOT to be a great benefit to a few select individuals. For recovering from injury or one just wants to perform at their absolute best, HBOT may be right for them. For Kroc Members the first session of HBOT will cost $55 (prices vary based on frequency after the first session).

Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion of Kroc Man experiences The Recovery Center…

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