Kroc Sonic Platform and Hydromassage Chair

Mar 31, 2023

Sonic Platforms

When signing up for The Kroc's Sonic Platform for the first time, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Was I to stand on the machine and do squats? Should I balance on one foot? I really didn’t know. I did know that it was a full body vibration exercise designed to increase balance, circulation, bone density, and break down lactic acid.

Much to my surprise, after watching some other members go before me, all I had to do was stand there. So, as I stood there looking at the console lit up with LED’s.

The first thing that I noticed about the console was the depiction of a person in the middle of the console and to the left and right of the depiction of that person was intensity and frequency adjusting buttons. The console is designed to easily adjust everything.

For my first go on the platform, I went ahead and had the machine cycle through an automatic combination of intensities and frequencies. I followed along on the poster chart on the wall as the machine cycled through different settings.

After ten minutes of experiencing the different combinations of vibrations, I felt pretty good. I can’t say I felt a huge difference from getting on the platform and getting off the platform. It wasn’t until Joan from BPi showed how all the buttons worked, did I really see the benefits of the machine. She took me through a quick tour of everything and I was surprised at how much a customizable experience made the difference in how the machine could benefit the body.

The only downside of using the machine for me was that my nose would itch slightly itch during periods of high frequency and intensity cycles. Other than that, it was great.

The Kroc's Recovery Center Sonic Platforms are free to Gold Members and $4 for Silver Members. Gold Members should really take advantage of this offering. It helps with overall health and wellness and continues to revitalize one’s cells and for peak performance.


Hydromassage Chairs

With the sound of whooshing water pulsating through my ears and the rush of warmth moving up and down my body, I liken the Hydromassage chairs at The Kroc's Recovery Center to a day at the beach spent reclining under the sun. The only problem with this description is If you boil it down to just a warmth and water, you would be completely ignoring the massage aspect of this unique and relaxing experience.

The Hydromassage chairs offer customizable massages tailored to your needs with a simple touch screen. This relaxing massage promotes recovery after physical activity.

The touch screen was easy to use. It had different settings for strength, speed and even an option to isolate one area of your body. With each session being 10 minutes, I was able to receive a descent, albeit noisy, massage as the warm water rushing beneath me, pounding my neck, legs, and back. 

Some see the fact that the chairs only use hot/warm water a negative, and I can see where they’re coming from, but I think the benefits of a warm massage far outweigh the convenience of a cold massage during a hot day. Either way, the massage feels good. It’s a great way to loosen up the muscles after a hard workout.

Monthly subscriptions to use the Hydromassage Chairs cost $12 a month for Kroc Gold Members and $16 a month for Kroc Silver Members. If you can, I highly recommend sitting in one of these chairs. 

Kroc Man out!  

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