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We are very excited to announce an expansion to The Kroc Center.

This two phase construction project will make positive changes to the front entrance of The Kroc Center and create a unique multipurpose space on the east wing of The Center this spring.

PHASE 1: The front entrance will become an extended and enclosed space. Two sets of sliding doors will increase the ease for everyone and create a more safe and secure entry for every member and guest. This will eliminate some of the challenges we face with ice and snow build up over the grates and reduce the need for mats in the entry way. This adjustment will also provide a reduction in The Kroc Center’s utility expense to help keep your membership dues manageable expense.

PHASE 2: A 2,000 sq. ft. addition will be built against the southeast side of the existing Play Care wall. This area is currently an underutilized outdoor patio and fire place. The increased Play Care space will speak directly to those who have been patient with long lines at Play Care, allowing us to increase the number of children we care for. This additional space will also allow for expanded youth programming in the afternoon.

The project will cost approximately $850,000 and be funded by The Salvation Army’s Capital Reserve Funds. Because of this, we are able to complete this project without affecting our rates for membership, programming and events.

The first phase of this expansion is scheduled to begin, weather dependent, in late spring. We will start with the front entrance project and encourage all parties involved to move quickly, to minimize the inconvenience. Construction of the additional Play Care space will take place simultaneously, but priority will be given to front entrance work to shorten the impact to our members and guests.

• The Kroc Center will remain open for regular hours during the construction. Kroc Center standard operating hours are as follows: Monday–Friday, 5am–9pm; Saturday, 7am–9pm; Sunday, 8am–6pm.

• The main entrance will not be accessible during construction. The only entrance to the facility will be through the east end double doors, which will be well marked.

• Hours of construction will typically be Monday through Friday, 7am–5pm. During this time, and through entire construction project, construction workers and large equipment will be operating in a fenced-off area in front of The Kroc Center.

• Play Care will move to the Kootenai and River Rooms of the Community Wing, full time, until we are able to move back to the newly improved Play Care space. There will be no adjustment to safety requirements for check in/check out, or policies and procedures. Check in/out will take place in the river room.

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