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American Red Cross Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons


Ages 6 Months–3 Years

Parents are taught how to safely hold and work with their child in the water. Water exploration, games, and new water skills will make this class a fun experience for both of you.

Parents and children improve and expand the swimming and safety skills learned in level one.


Ages 4–5 Years

Children may be new to the water or have prior experience. Swimmers will explore being in the water through games and learn skills such as blowing bubbles, face in the water, floating, front and back glides and rolling from front to back.

Students in these classes will learn how to bob towards safety, front float, tread water, and swim with arm and leg action on front and on back.

Swimmers will improve their freestyle form while increasing their stamina by swimming longer distances. Safety bobs, survival floats, and swimming on back will be practiced.

Ages 6+ Years

Students in this class may be new swimmers or comfortable in the water. Students will learn to blow bubbles, put their face in the water, back float, front glide, roll from front to back and back to front, and swim freestyle with good form for short distances.

These students will learn safety floats, jumping into the water, back glides, back stroke, elementary backstroke, and will continue to improve their form for freestyle.

Students have mastered the basics of freestyle and backstroke, and are ready to learn rotary breathing. Swimmers will improve their elementary backstroke form, learn dolphin kick, and will be introduced to the deep water in the competition pool for treading water and beginning diving.

While improving their rotary breathing, backstroke, and elementary backstroke students will learn butterfly, breaststroke, and will swim longer distances. Students will learn open turns for freestyle and backstroke and learn to dive from the side of the pool.

Students can swim full lengths of the Comp Pool and will increase their stamina and speed in all strokes through swimming drills. They are ready to learn flip turns and competitive starts from the starting blocks

From beginners to experienced lake-goers, The Kroc Center has swim lessons for every stage of your child's swimming experience. Swimmers will move through five different levels as their skills progress.


• Evaluate your child’s swim ability and choose a class level, date and time from the calendar below. Register at the front desk or online.

• Check in to your class at The Kroc front desk, and then find the Swim Lesson table in the Cove Pool. Remember to bring a towel!

• At the end of the set of lessons, your Instructor will recommend the appropriate class level for the next set of lessons. Class levels are frequently repeated to allow students to master skills and feel successful before moving on to a new level.


Our private lessons are designed to help you reach your goals. Whether it is to learn to swim, improve your stroke, or to meet a fitness goal our personal coaches will design an individual lesson to meet your goals.

Call the Aquatic Department at 208.763.0657 to schedule your lesson.


Learn to swim, improve your stroke, train to meet your fitness goals, or review basic water safety and lifeguarding skills. Our personal coaches will design an individual lesson to meet your goals.

Call the Aquatic Department at 208.763.0657 to schedule your lesson.

Partner Swim Lessons

Partner training sessions will allow you and your training partner to work with a Kroc Coach to reach your agreed upon goals. Call the Aquatic Department at 208.763.0657 to schedule your lesson.

 Click on class to view a description & register.

100s of classes to choose from.


View the Kroc Program Guide for the most current aquatics, triathlon, health & wellness, arts & culture, ministry, and life skill classes.

View the Drop-in Guide for easy-to-read schedules of all group exercise classes–both on land, and in water!

All classes in the Drop-in guide are free to Gold Members and are included with the purchase of a day pass.

The Program Guide is the place to look for a variety of one-day and weekly classes. All classes are open to the public.

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