The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Center is pleased to provide a scholarship program to help provide access to The Kroc Center. It was Joan Kroc's vision and expectation that all individuals have equal opportunities to grow their natural gifts and talents.

How to Apply
Pick-up a scholarship application from The Kroc Center front desk or download online.

2. Attach all household income verification documents to your completed application. This includes all documents that best reflect the gross annual salary income of all household members: check stubs, unemployment statement, social security, disability incomes, food stamps award letter, alimony, child support income, etc.

3. Return your completed application with attached household income verification to the front desk Monday-Friday between 9am-6pm at least one week prior to the next available workshop. Please allow 10-15 minutes for your application to be reviewed. If you qualify for a scholarship you will automatically be enrolled to attend the next available Community Workshop session. All previously submitted income verification documents will be returned. Download the Community Workshop brochure to view upcoming dates and times.

4. Attend your scheduled Community Workshop. You must attend in order to be eligible for a scholarship.

Attending a Workshop
At the one hour Communtiy Workshop you will have the opportunity to learn about the large variety of activities, education classes, and personal enrichment programs that are offered at The Kroc Center. You will be able to redeem your scholarship membership immediately following the workshop.

Renewing Your Scholarship
In order to be eligible to renew your scholarship each year, you must obtain 2 Life Skill Credits.

How to Obtain Life Skill Credits
• Attend a Life Skills Class. Each class counts as one credit.
Volunteer at The Kroc Center or in the Community for 2 hours. If volunteering in the community: Submit documentation of organization, date(s) of volunteer hours, with supervisor's signature to the Kroc Center Front Desk. A minimum of 2 hours of volunteering meets the requirement for one life skill credit.
• Obtain an annual Wellness Exam. One adult member of the scholarship plan can get a wellness exam and in return receive one Life Skill credit. A completed Wellness Exam Form must be turned in to The Kroc Center Front Desk to receive credit.
• Attend a Kroc Church Sunday Service. Complete a Kroc Church communication card at the service to receive credit.
• Participate in Kroc Fit45 with ActivTrax. Work with one of our certified trainers as they create a custom workout built just for you to help you meet your fitness goals. Must complete Kroc Fit45 orientation and complete one workout. By appointment only. Call 208.763.0637 to schedule an appointment or stop by the Fitness Desk.

How to Apply

Download the Community Workshop brochure to view upcoming dates and times. Pick-up an application and sign-up for a workshop at The Kroc Center front desk.

Questions on scholarships?

Email: scholarships@kroccda.org
Call: 208.763.0600.

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