Volunteer to Ring The Bell

Volunteer for a 2-hour bell ringing shift and you will collect donations that benefit Kootenai County this Christmas and the whole year through. 

What to Know Before You Sign Up

• You can ring individually or as a group.
• Children are welcome to volunteer with an adult but cannot block traffic or displays.
• Groups can reserve an entire day (10AM-6PM) but no more than 2 people may ring at one time.
• NEW this year: Groups can accept the Kettle Team Challenge and compete for bragging rights and an epic trophy.

The Kettle is waiting for you at customer service for the first shift and the kettle stand is off to one side, inside the entrance of the store.

A sanitized bell is located in a stocking on the kettle stand.

All bell ringers are required to wear a mask while at the Kettle. This is a Salvation Army policy and mandated by store locations.

DO: Wear plenty of warm clothing (even indoor locations can be chilly), bring hot cocoa or coffee, play an instrument, bring cute kids, and be festive. Feel free to wish people a "Merry Christmas" or "God Bless." 

Per store policy, please limit your group to no more than 2 people volunteering at one time.

DON'T: Overtly solicit donations or evangelize, simply give folks the opportunity to give, and please don't block doorways. Sorry, no pets allowed and please refrain from using your cell phone while at the Kettle!

We ask that the kettle NEVER be unattended. Either take turns when it comes to breaks or leave the kettle at Customer Service.

We swap out the Kettle between 5:15 and 6PM each day. You will give the swapper - Kroc Center staff - the full kettle and take the empty kettle to Customer Service. Sanitized the bell with a cleaning wipe (located in the stocking), put the bell in the stocking, and return the kettle stand inside the entrance of the store.

Kettles are totaled the following week and we will make sure to let you know how much your group helped us raise.

Bell Ringer Code of Conduct

• Bell Ringers must wear a mask.
• Bell Ringers are never allowed to leave the Kettle alone. Kettles are to be secured at customer service when not in use.
• Bell Ringers must wear clean, attractive & appropriate clothing
• Maximum of 2–3 well behaved children welcome
• No prolonged phone calls while on duty
• No overt solicitation of customers
• No loud, offensive or intrusive behavior
• No religious proselytizing or distribution
• No sitting, slouching or leaning while on duty*
*Does not apply to wheelchair-bound, walker-assisted, crutch/cane-assisted or similar disabilities.
I understand that I am under the immediate authority of store/mall management, subject to its rules and regulations, and may be relieved of duty by site management for unbecoming or improper conduct.

Sign-up to Volunteer

(208) 763-0592

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