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Welcome to the Fall Fitness Frenzy!

The Fall Fitness Frenzy is an 8-week Challenge designed to build fitness consistency as we move into a busy Fall season. Beginning October 4, members will track their daily activities, from group ex classes to cardio & strength equipment workouts, laps on the track & even activities at home like gardening or walking the dog! Members will compete with each other throughout the 8-week challenge to see who compiles the most points.
The grand prize of 5 personal coaching sessions will be awarded to the top 2 winners!

Hear from some members who participated in our 2019 Summer Showdown

“I’ve always had a tough time sticking with a workout schedule, but with the wellness team here to help and a fun challenge to track my workouts I’ve been on top of things ever since the Summer Showdown!” - Josh, 41

“Workout challenges have always been intimidating to me, but this was different. It was upbeat and more individually goal based instead of trying to beat everyone’s number.” - Kimberly, 17

“Even though I didn’t win the Summer Showdown challenge, I learned new skills and developed a healthy relationship with working out. I even look forward to going to the gym now.” - Patrick, 30


Printable materials for Fall Fitness Frenzy participants

Tracking Sheets Workout Cards Drop-in Schedule Drop-in Class Description  

Submit your tracking sheets weekly at The Wellness Desk 

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